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Brahma Lodge Primary School Dress Code

All students are expected to dress according to our School Uniform Policy unless an exemption has been sought. If a parent wants an exemption from the Dress Code they must write to the principal stating the grounds for which they seek an exemption. Our school clothing colours are Navy and White. We believe that wearing a school uniform promotes pride in our school, and that it encourages the students to be aware of the purpose of school - to learn.

Changes to the School Dress Code must be approved by the Governing Council. All students must wear appropriate hats while taking part in outside activities in. An appropriate hat is broad-brim, bucket style or legionnaire. The Uniform Shop provides appropriate clothing at competitive prices. The service stocks a range of clothing and is located in the Unit building that locates the Early Year classes.

Summer Clothing

Navy shorts, navy blue or white shirt, navy skirt, blue-white checked summer dress, appropriate sun smart hat.

Winter Clothing

Navy trousers, jeans, navy blue or white shirt, navy windcheater. Logos on clothing are to be smaller than a 50 cent piece.


Lace-up shoes, trainers or sandals with back strap or full back. Thongs or clogs are not acceptable footwear.


As part of the school's Dress Code it has been agreed that students can wear the following jewellery to school:

The jewellery policy is to ensure the safety of all children. It is also to discourage the use of jewellery as a fashion statement that detracts from the learning that is our primary focus.