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Student Harassment/Bullying Statement and Grievance Procedures
Brahma Lodge Primary School aims to provide a safe, secure and supportive learning environment that focuses on the students being responsible for their own behaviour. Bullying and Harassment is unacceptable in our school and will not be tolerated.

Parent Grievance Procedure
At Brahma Lodge Primary School, we are committed to providing the best possible learning environment for our children. For this to occur it is essential that positive working relationships exist between all community members. Clear lines of communication, including a defined process for dealing with grievances contribute to this process. When dealing with grievance issues confidentiality should be maintained at all times. It is important that all parties ensure that information remains only with those directly involved with the grievance.

Student Harassment Grievance Procedure (PDF - 60KB)

Student Grievance Procedure Diagram (PDF - 60KB)

Parent Complaint Brochure (PDF - 323KB)

Parent Complaint Procedure (PDF - 65KB)

Parent Complaint Procedure Diagram (PDF - 111KB)