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We are a public school under the supervision of the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD). We trust that we will be able to meet the educational needs of your children and that they will enjoy happy and rewarding experiences at our school. We believe that cooperation and communication between school and home is vital for effective education.

At Brahma Lodge Primary School we seek Unity by focusing on Respect Responsibility and Relationships. Unity enable sthe members of our school community to enjoy learning, to accept themselves and others, and to work together to achieve our goals.

We value:

Both class and yard expectations at Brahma Lodge Primary School are based upon the values of Respect, Responsibility and Relationships. We practise a restorative justice procedure which allows students to acknowledge their mistakes and work towards fixing them. We help the students to learn that their choices have an impact on other people in the school community. We have separate systems for class and yard behaviour.

At the beginning of the school year the class teacher and students develop behaviour expectations and consequences. Class Behaviour Development is based on a step system, using logical consequences and the ownership of behaviour. A Reflection Plan is used to help students understand and accept responsibility for their behaviour. Students in the Early Years begin each day anew whereas the step system for Primary students runs across a whole week.

Our Yard Behaviour system expects children to take responsibility for their behaviour. Inappropriate choices will lead to time being spent in the Reflection Room with a member of the Leadership Team and may be followed by a restorative justice meeting. Students have to think about their behaviour, our school values and then plan how to improve their behavioural choices. A restorative justice meeting gives all people involved the opportunity to be listened to in a safe and supportive environment where those involved can talk about what happened, how they feel, and what needs to happen in the future to restore relationships. Parents are always informed when their child has been sent to the Reflection Room.

Behaviour that promotes our values and learning is acknowledged at the School Assembly and in the school newsletter and through the use of Unity Awards and certificates, and it is recognised daily in the classroom and throughout the school.